Eskimo roll with OSI Whitewater kayaking club

Join OSI Whitewater kayaking for a fun session with paddling, roll training, and grilling. Free food and drinks!

Welcome to the Student Assosiation OSI Elvepadling’s kickoff! We are organizing an afternoon filled with technique, play, and fun on the water. We will also demonstrate how to do an Eskimo roll, and there will be an opportunity for those who want to get help learning their first roll.

The event lasts about 3 hours, and there will be a barbecue with free food and drink. After this kickoff, you will be more confident in a kayak and have a good starting point if you want to try the river.

You don’t need any equipment other than swimwear and possibly a wetsuit if we are sure it won’t be cold. No prior experience is necessary, as the event is suitable for complete beginners. Bring good spirits and join us for an exciting start to the semester!