Fem bilder med mennesker som sitter overfor hverandre og snakker. Teksten "Speedfriending | Studentslippet" oppe til høyre i bildet.

Speedfriending x Studentslippet

Meet people, share stories and discover Oslo through the people who live here!

We kick-start the semester with the best that student life has to offer, namely the friends you meet along the way and great conversations, each of them an Oslo experience in miniature!

During seven-minute conversations down the long table, you get topics that engage, fascinate and make you think. Everything from “What’s your go-to place in town?” to “How would you change the world with one great idea?”

Afterwards, we invite you to lowkey Speedfriending Afterparty, where there will be a DJ in the bar and we will continue the good conversations and start many new ones. From experience, most people join!

Check out the Speedfriending app to see who you meet at the event, match with favorites and take the initiative for your own social activities further through your studies!

Welcome to Oslo, and welcome to Speedfriending.