Bilde av Roseslottet sett ovenfra

The Rose Castle

High above Oslo lies the gilded Rose Castle – an outdoors art project dedicated to democracy.

Clearly visible from the city center, five golden constellations shine to symbolize the five years of occupation, and the fight for freedom, democracy and human rights in Norway during the second world war. The stories from the war are used as a backdrop to lift and shed light on the foundations in our society – the rule of law, freedom of expression, humanism – the values of freedom that are again pressured and constantly need to be defended.

The Rose Castle presents nearly 300 artworks – monumental paintings, sculptures and installations which tells the story of what happens to a country and its people when totalitarian forces gain control and rob our freedom, how society stood up and fought to regain our freedom, and how we will bring these values of freedom into future generations. It is a great reminder never to take democracy for granted. In the Rose Castle we want to learn from history, put present time into perspective and look to the future.

We invite all new students to experience The Rose Castle for free!