Wall climbing at Oslo klatresenter.

Come and get acquainted with Oslo’s largest climbing center. We offer climbing for all levels.

Whether you have never climbed before, are an experienced climber or somewhere in between, we have an offer for you! We are inviting you to an open day with an instructor at Oslo klatresenter.

On Friday, September 6, there is free admission for new students in Oslo. Here you do not need a ticket, but bring your student ID. Opening hours are from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM.

In addition, we offer climbing with an instructor that day. One for those who have never climbed before, or have climbed a little, and one for those who have already climbed a bit. You will need to book a ticket for these.

There will be opportunities for both bouldering and autobelay. In addition, we will have skilled instructors who can provide tips and tricks along the way. If you already have a belay card, it is also possible to climb on rope, but it is not necessary to participate.