Come and watch movies at Cinemateket!


Welcome to Cinemateket, the place for film history and film art. You can find us in Dronningens gate, centrally located in Kvadraturen. During Studentslippet, we are pleased to welcome students to screenings of the following films:


Saturday, August 31, 5:00 PM – Oslo, August 31 (Norway, 2011, Joachim Trier) Joachim Trier’s Oslo film is considered one of the best Norwegian films of all time. Before the screening, there will be a lecture on Trier by Anne Gjelsvik, Professor of Film Studies at NTNU.

Sunday, September 1, 7:00 PM – Pink Flamingos (USA, 1972, John Waters) John Waters’ cult classic became a highly successful “midnight movie” in the USA and shocked the world in the early 70s.

Tuesday, September 3, 6:30 PM – Ratcatcher (UK, 1998, Lynne Ramsay) This is Lynne Ramsay’s raw and poetic debut film. The film explores a young boy’s sense of isolation and anxiety and his secret friendship with a 14-year-old girl who provides services to the school gang.

Wednesday, September 4, 6:00 PM – City of God (Brazil/France, 2002, Fernando Meirelles & Kátia Lund) A classic that follows the young criminal Buscapé on his lawless journey in the slums of Rio. Before the film, there will be a discussion on youth crime hosted by the think tank Agenda.

Wednesday, September 4, 9:00 PM – Hundreds of Beavers (USA, 2022, Mike Cheslik) In a mix of live-action, stop-motion animation, and computer-animated special effects, we are taken on a journey into the most physical aspects of crazy comedy.

Friday, September 6, 6:00 PM – Drylongso (USA, 1998, Cauleen Smith) Cauleen Smith’s genre-crossing work in a beautifully restored version. Cauleen Smith will attend the screening.



Cinemateket is open from Tuesday to Sunday every week. We show both the great classics and lesser-known works from film history, as well as new films of special interest. We are committed to presenting films in the best possible way, true to the original screening formats and often in newly restored versions. A large portion of the screenings are exclusive, meaning we show unique film copies that only we have access to, and films that cannot be seen elsewhere.

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