Et titalls mennesker spiller minigolf på ulike baner innendørs

Oslo Camping

At Oslo Camping, all the conditions are met for having fun together.

Are you going on a Tinder date or meeting a new friend? 18 indoor mini-golf courses, camping atmosphere, hockey powder and slush are all in place to ease the anxiety of the day. The campsite is located right by Youngstorget and is spread over two floors, with an entrance from Møllergata 12.

If you feel like celebrating the victory (or drowning the defeat), both food and drink are served on the main floor. At Gibs Grill with us, you can try out perhaps Oslo’s best loaded fries! At Oslo Camping, you will find groups of friends, businesses, mini golfers, dancing lions and beavers in good company.

Welcome to year-round camping at Oslo Camping!